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Gilbert Alba

Programming Languages





Android Studio



Here are some of my projects. Click on an image to go to that project's github.

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This is a capstone school project. It connects to a database to create, retreive, update, and delete customer's and employee's data. It also keeps track of customer appointments.

This is a school project in Android Studio. This app tracks a student's semesters, terms, and exams. It also notifies a student two days and one day before an event takes place.

This is the portfolio website you are on now.


About Me

I am a recent graduate, enthusiastically looking to make a career change into the software development field. I will continue my education by pursing a master's degree and earning additional certifications. I believe that working hard and having a love to learn will help make an excellent transition into the field.

I have always had a love for programming, but my sense of duty to our country was stronger. I joined the Army after high school and obtained other jobs after that. I then had the opportunity to make a career change and pursue my dream job. I took it, graduated college, and I am now prepared to work as a software developer.